Soulfire - First Edition Novel (Paperback)

Soulfire - First Edition Novel (Paperback)

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A paperback first edition copy of middle grade fantasy novel Soulfire by Chaz Harris, for readers 10-14 years and up.
Twelve-year-old George Grimes is afraid of growing up. If becoming a teenager means he has to stop believing in Grandad’s tall tales about Mythika – a magical place where artists have special powers – then he wants to stay twelve forever.

On the eve of George's thirteenth birthday, a man with a forked beard and a crooked nose clambers out of the Grandfather clock in the upstairs hallway. The man claims to be from Mythika, where the evil Lord Helwrath, once a boy who lost his imagination, has been murdering Creators – artists who use their imaginations to keep Helwrath’s power in check. 

When George enters Mythika, he joins forces with a talented group of young artists determined to stop Helwrath before it’s too late. However, a long-kept family secret leads some to believe that George can create the only power strong enough to fight Helwrath…Soulfire.
Praise for Soulfire:
"The story and characters were wonderfully engaging and it conjures Narnia and traditional fantasy tropes that felt fresh, modern and relevant. I especially loved the emphasis on creating and how organically it was woven into the narrative." ~ Mark Ordesky, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings trilogy
"LGBTQ+ kids and teens so rarely get to see themselves in books, especially as the hero. This middle-grade adventure story featuring a queer protagonist who teams up with a crew of talented artists to stop a great evil seems destined to become an instant classic." ~ Margot Atwell, Senior Director of Publishing, Kickstarter
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